Howard Communications,Inc.

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History of Howard Communications

The  Company began with Bruce Pellicot in 1983 as a part time business and working full time for the railroad maintaining the radio communications systems in the MD and DC area.Mr.Pellicot started in the commercial 2-way radio field in 1973.In 1986,the railroad downsized,causing him to loose his job with the railroad and was forced into full time status with the new company.Over the years,we have built up our customer base and have developed conventional and trunked repeater systems as well as developing systems for government and local businesses.

New Digital trunked 2-way radio system constructed in December 2010


This system covers Baltimore city and surrounding counties.Additional systems have been installed in Columbia,Howard County and  Catoctin Mt. in Frederick county.

Mission Statement

Howard Communications is committed to providing quality, up-to-date products and convienent, fast services.

E-mail Us:

Office number:410-461-1550

Fax number: 410-465-5939